Calabria is a surprising land, whose natural beauty combined with its cultural and artistic heritage are worth a visit. Its location in the heart of the Mediterranean allowed contact with different cultures and civilizations which is reflected in the history of this unique and legendary land. The journey starts from the sea, along kilometres of outstanding coastline, always different and fascinating, from the fine golden sand of beautiful beaches to towering cliffs overlooking the water. Places of enchanting beauty, that combined with the comforts of modern bathing facilities have retained the charm of old fishing villages. Sea beds of crystalline water are enriched with a colourful vegetation and numerous marine species. The tour continues through a heterogeneous hinterland, that alternates vast plains to sudden slopes of two thousand meters. A landscape of surprising beauty that encloses in a single horizon the sea and the mountains, the rivers and the hills, the plains and the plateaus. The journey proceeds through the woods and the pastel -drawn countryside, where olive trees, vineyards, orchards and pure nature are a delight for the sight. Within the natural parks nature controls, as in the past, the rhythm of the seasons. Evidence of past history can be admired by simply strolling along these roads: where the Magna Graecia civilization and the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, are recognizable in the numerous archaeological remains unearthed in excavations in different parts of the region. Hamlets, villages and cities are the real repositories of art and culture, nestled in castles, ancient buildings and even in the streets of historical centres. The journey continues in the spiritual heart of Calabria. A pilgrimage of the soul between Sanctuaries and Carthusian monasteries, basilicas and cathedrals, fascinating places, which combine the charm of faith with great aesthetic beauty. An exciting portrait of a land of contrasts, with a charming side to be admired by all those that are capable of comprehending its deep secrets. Hidden among the cities are the great tradition of popular rites, real choreographic representations of the cult of saints and historical commemorations, that are capable of arousing emotions and wonder. And the traditions remain intact also in the workshops scattered throughout the territory, where great artists still create iron, ceramics and wood products like the past generations. Nice to see and good to eat. Ancient gastronomic traditions blend genuine taste with the primordial character of a generous and hospitable population, who is always searching for genuine flavour in order to satisfy the most demanding palates. Even at the table Calabria transmits the diversity of its territory, with dishes that have as protagonists the most high-quality fish, the meat of inland farms, the superb mountain cheeses and the wines of the autochthonous vines. And, finally, the splendour of the colours: the yellow wheat, the blue sea, the red of the sunsets seal the days of an astonishing land. They are the ancestral, the visceral colours of the uniqueness of Calabria.